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do you know what SYc stands for?



I've noticed that when the shutter speed dial of my SD14 is turned past 4000 in manual mode the term "SYc" appears on the camera screen.
I didn't find info about that in the net or sigma site or the manual.
Does anybody have an idea what this might be?


Active Member
Adrian, I feel your pain. I wish I knew too!

I'm struggling with the "SYc" readout on my SD15 while testing its shutter speed for some upcoming high-speed photography.

Anybody know what "SYc" means??


Well-Known Member
Hey guys....that is the flash sync-speed of (1/180)....the SD14 only goes from 1/160 to 1/200 on the you go to SYc and it will put the shutter speed at 1/180 to work with strobes or flashes....

I hope this helps out...Tony C. :z04_cowboy: