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Does anyone know what this glass back for a Hasselblad V series camera body is for?


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I am very new to the Hasselblad world having just acquired a Haselblad 500c/m system including a few lenses and a couple of film backs from a retired pro photographer. I’ve been collecting a few bits and pieces such as lens caps, body caps etc. I recently won an auction on ebay for some assorted bits and pieces along these lines which included something that I am at a loss to know what it is. It is a Hasselblad fitting of some sort that attaches to the back of a series V body. It has a large glass screen area. When I set the shutter to Bulb, and set the shutter release button to the T setting so that the lens leaf shutter and auxiliary shutter remain open, I can see the image focussed from the lens projected on to this glass screen at the back. I have attached some photos which should make this all clear. I am quite curious as to what this could be. I suspect it may be a sole part of some sort of system that on its own maybe pretty useless. Nevertheless, if anyone knows, I’d be grateful for any insight.


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It’s a Hasselblad Focussing Screen Adapter / Ground Glass Adapter For SWC Camera. They don’t have a viewfinder like on the 500 series....


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thanks Bennyd,

grateful for your reply. That is cool. I figured out I can attach my prism finder and waist level focus hood to this while fitted to the camera so your answer makes perfect sense now. I've not seen a SWC in real life but it sounds like a nice landscape camera.

I ordered a copy of Robert Nordin's Hasselblad Compendium from amazon and will look this up when I get it.

All the best