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Does DP-2 need a filter?


New Member
I added a UV/IR cut filter, mostly for lens protection, but wonder if the DP-2 is already filtered/ In that case, I'd just use a clear filter. Does anyone know what the spectral characteristics of the DP-2 are?


Well-Known Member
araz...the DP2 like all the other Sigma camera's really don't need the UV/IR filter on of the chip there is a quartz-crystal that actually acts as a UV/IR filter when taking shots...what I do use is a Polarizer and specialty filters with mine...really the UV/IR filters that you buy for your lenses are more for protection...and would probably take it off unless you’re in a windy/sandy/wet or other harsh own tests lean towards the fact that these filters soften the image just a tad...thus making you enhance them more...

But if you already bought it...and can't take it back...use it to protect and in harsh conditions...

Shot of a DP sensor with other info...


Happy Shooting...Tony C. :z04_cowboy: