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Does size matters? - What is the best system for you?


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Hi Marc,

nice to see you back again! I totally agree with you. Once you pass the "good enough" level, different criterias play a role.

I could not describe it better, so I quote it from you "...but they do not necessarily mean the Image Qualities produced will meet a person's aesthetic criteria..."

This is where the differences of the different sensor formats, MP counts, lens choice etc. kicks in. Especially DOF and great bokeh is for example something, I miss the most with MFT and APS-C. Only for this alone, Medium Format would be lovely... :z04_herz:
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You ask if sensor size matters. I think most of us realize that the sensor technology of the sensor regardless of size is no longer a factor. I feel the Main main issue with sensor size is the glass you put in front of the sensor. It is all about the light!
The manufactures are not providing glass for the smaller sensor systems that is equal to the glass available for full frame.
The manufactures are trying to get us to use full frame lenses on smaller sensors and those lenses are designed for full frame.
I like my Mirrorless and crop sensor camera systems but I can never have the same resaults that I can get with my Full frame sensor cameras because the lenses match the system. Even with my Sony FF the advantage of the smaller body is out weighed by the costs for the lenses when compared to my Canon DSLR camera.
With my M4/3 system I use the best they have to offer but are still not up to my FF lenses ability. I am sure the manufactures can do it, it almost seems like they are dumbing down the system, for my lack of better words.