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DP with Tele Lens / Ricoh TC-1 ?


New Member
Hi there,
Anyone can share some experience on DP with Tele Lens.
I had reviewed a Japanese photo capture. The DP with the Ricoh TC-1 seems pretty good. But I cannot find more information.

Can someone share about this ? or any tele lens good in DP ?

Thank you very much.


Well-Known Member
Iv'e used my DP1 with several lens attachments...from fisheye' macro adapters...if you have not bought one or have one from another camera will need to purchase the right ones for the end of the HA-11...if you already have some you purchase a step-up or step-down order to attach it to the end of your HA-11 make sure and tak off the hood attachment...the other thing I have use an M42 adater that screws on the end of the HA-11 and then I have used several M42 lenss...quality is not so good...but some of the effects are good...

Look for my DP1 posts can see examples of me adapting a macro and fisyeye to the end of my DP1....

Good Luck...Tony C. :z04_cowboy: