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DP1 file processing help needed!


New Member
I started shooting some test shots with the DP1 and like the natural colors I seem to get while in SPP but then when I take the file as a TIFF into LR, ACR or PWP the greens and yellows change to a much lighter more yellow color. Can someone offer some software/techniques to keep the colors I am originally seeing in SPP. I also need some help on how to handle the reds which appeared blown out and subdued on some tulips I shot.


Bruce - new DP1 owner


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Well-Known Member
Hi Bruce,

Welcome to the forum as a new sigma camera owner! I use a different raw processor, however, I can try to offer some suggestions.

1) first we want to verify if the output of SPP is good. So, take the tiff into any VIEWER program like Irfanview. or Paint (I am assuming that you are using some variant of MS windows.) If the colors match what you see in SPP, then we can assume it is something in LR, ACR or PWP. And if that is the case, then I am going to suggest checking the color profile of LR, ACR or PWP. Usually there is a standard color profile like sRGB.

2) as for the reds, there is a least one in depth thread on this and can be found here:
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good luck with your troubleshooting,

I look forward to seeing your pictures!!



Well-Known Member
In LR, you can adjust the "camera calibration" and make the colors look more like you are seeing in SPP. it's in the Develop module at the bottom of the right side panel.