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DP1 + Voigtlander 28mm VF

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I am the second owner of the camera. It was used gently from Jan 2009 until end of 2011. I switched to a Micro Four Thirds camera at the beginning of this year. Hence the reason for selling the setup.

The original owner had less than 800 actuations on the camera. I had a little over 1,300 so that makes approximately 2,100 actuations on this DP1. I would rate the condition of the camera an 9.

Pictures can be provided upon request.

The sale includes:

- Sigma DP1

- Sigma Hood (HA-11)

- 1 SanDisk Extreme III 2GB SD memory card

- 2 OEM 1300mAh batteries (one holds charge 100% and the other 50%)

- 1 OEM charger

- Original box, cables, software, and instruction manuals

- Asking $300; Shipped and insured within CONUS ONLY

I also have a black Voigtlander 28mm viewfinder for sale.

- Asking $150; Shipped and insured within CONUS ONLY

If purchase both, asking price is $400.

Thank you.