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DP1s x3f and Photomatix Pro


New Member
I wanted to use my x3f's in Photomatix but it didn't work.
I use a DP1s camera.

But Photomatix CAN handle x3f files from the sd14. Is there a difference between the files?


Well-Known Member
I think there might be...nothing concrete...but I think the DP1s and SD15 files are more closely related than the SD14...make sure you have the new Photomatix 4.0 ... I did not find anywhere where it states it supports the SD15...but it was only released 9/2010....

If you find more on this I would be interested in please post here..

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


Well-Known Member
Photomatix FAQ states that supported are Sigma SD9, SD10 and SD14 cameras.
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There is difference between files for sure, although DP1(s) files should be usable (at least in fixed WB modes - AWB/CWB data have different structure). Maybe Photomatix behaves like SilkyPix - images from all cameras not directly supported are just discarded.

Maybe you could use 16bit tiff files then?