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DP2 vs. DP2s



I am currently researching the differences between the DP2 and the DP2s. The obvious differemce is on the back that the buttons are finally coloured and the hide & seek in low light for the right buttons is over :)

If the DP2 has the latest firmware upgrade (1.05), then also the AF speed seems to be the same like the DP2s.

But there seem to be more differences left. Battery life seems to be better with the DP2s. And it seems that the DP2 shows red more like orange and the DP2s shows red as red. And this seems to be a hrdware problem and not fixable with a firmware or with SPP without shifting the all colours.

Can someone confirm this? An other differences I am not aware of?

Best wishes


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I have both. The s model just seems to work better. I have not done a side by side, but there is much less of the "dreaded" green cast. The sharpness seem to me better and I find it easier to use. I have been using it almost daily for work I do for a bronze art foundry. Actually, I just let the camera do everything. I am very pleased with it.

For examples see:<>

I use a tripod and iso 50 to 100. The tripod makes it easy to do panoramas when the spirit moves.

Be well,



Hi MrMxlph,

thanks for your comments. Do you have the newest firmware in your DP2?

Best wishes


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I did not want to comment till I had more information...I only own the DP1...

But there is a difference in the way the image is processed between the DP2 and DP2s...

DP2 - Process the image like the SD14

DP2s - Process the image like the SD15

The main difference is the code and handling of the image...make sure you are using SPP4 or better...this tends to compensate for my SD14's color issues...

Work flow...I always use SPP first then my other software...

I hope this helps a little...Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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What you exactly mean with this?

Internally SD9-SD14 and DP1(s) files include 'old' metadata, starting from DP1 they include 'new' set of metadata, which contains more precise sensor calibration data and more goodies. SPP uses similar set of calibration data for DP2 and DP2s - but maybe it chooses different algorithms for different cameras, this is not known for me.


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Time lines...

SD14 then DP1 & DP2 then DP1s

Sigma goes back and re-releases the DP2s then DP1x (no spec changes...must be board fixes or what not...) SD15 is released....

SD14 has issues with Red's and a Green-Cast on its pictures...I know the DP1 has this issue...I own it...SPP 3 released....I have a friend with DP2 & DP1s which has the same issues just not as pronounced as the DP1 and SD14....(must be a fix)..SPP3x released...


Sigma releases the DP2s and DP1x...I have not heard as many complaints about the Red's and Green's...SPP4 released...SD15...even better handling of the Red's and Green's....SPP4x released....

Now I am just going on conjecture here.....but every-time they do a minor upgrade to a camera line...there is a newer version of SPP it begs to think that the algorithms that are used to work the camera's must be changing...subtle...not overtly...but I know SPP3 works a lot better on the SD14 than SSP4....I switched to SPP4 due to the fact it is faster when working with images...and I know how to adjust it to work with my SD14 now...but took me a weekend to do it...

I could be way off base here...but the best way to test products is to get it into consumers hands...and let them QC the devise by playing with it...before you release your big toys...(Right or Wrong)...they can track issues and complaints by model numbers to see what works and does not...

I would like to think these models were helping in the development of the SD1...but what do I know...(just my version of the conspiracy theory..!!)

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: