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DP2M focus noise

Cedo Nulli

New Member
My DP2M has all the time had a grinding type noise in focus (dpreview godfather tells me I am lying) and now the camera has a high frequency squeal with focus. Focus is not good. Is this seen before?

I have ordered a new DP2M which will arrive Friday so I am not in a hurry.

For full disclosure I must tell you I have been banned by godfather of sigma forum on dpreview because he does not like anyone posting problem with sigma posts.


Hi Cedo,

I have no AF noise problems wth my DP2M. I would recommend to send it back to Sigma so they can check it.

Best wishes

Cedo Nulli

New Member
Hello Dirk
It has not ended good for me. I get a new replacement camera but it is not so good. Every picture is very green all down right and side and it will have to be replaced too. This happens with ALL Sigma gear I buy. It really is cheap junk mostly.