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DPI of JPEG1 out of Camera


Well-Known Member
When I pop open files from the ND in Photoshop all of the JPEG-1 files are at 72 DPI. For those experienced users of the ND... is this normal? If not, what do I need to change? I shot at ISO 50 FYI.

It caught my eye because all my other digital cameras open up at 300 DPI.

Thanks as always for the help!



I for one completely disregard DPI. It's a variable that is determined at print and I guess display time mainly by the number of image pixels vs. what size print/display you're generating, and whatever other print/display-related manipulation goes on, AFAIU.



Well-Known Member
The ND produces a large sized image at 72 dpi in sRGB color space. When you open them in PS just look at how many meg it is. Then convert it to RGB, Tiff @ 300 dpi and look at how many meg it is again ; -)