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Dropoff - Above the Falls (Dynamic Range)


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This is a shot that taxed the dynamic range of the Provia slide film. As you know, slide film has a 5-stop dynamic range at most. This is another reason why I'm hoping the SD-14 will give me dynamic range, especially because I feel I want more shadow details.

Shot taken in the upper Wynoochee valley, bereft of any trails. I basically beat the brush upstream, then climbed up the side of the waterfall to a position where I could show the morning sun streaming into the chasm over the lip of the falls.


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I can practically hear the water, Laurence. I reckon I could sit there for hours and never get bored. A moment in your life and times, captured beautifully.

And with a 10 - 20mm connected, scenes like this can make your Sd14 record the whole visual symphony.

Sincere regards, Jim R

Guest .

Hi Laurencce,

a very nice landscape again! :z02_respekt::z02_respekt:

I can assure you that the SD is best choice for landscape pictures.

See you with nice pictures