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DSLR Closeup photography


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Has anyone stacked lenses or used a bellows with a DSLR? I have seen nice digital close-ups, even > 1:1 repro. Though I can't claim to have done anything spectacular with my N8008s film camera, I still balk at switching to digital only because the loss of automation (trial error would be okay) but if much of my other equipment can't be used with a D100, I could never afford to replace a number of items. I have two AF Nikkors, a 28mmD and a 60mm non-D - if stacking a telephoto D lens with a shorter lens would give bellows type results, I would purchase a DSLR and a AF telephoto. I don't want to get into scanning slides...I have been using enlarging lenses and a duplicating lens on PK13 + old Leica tubes w/ a Sunpak555 on a film SLR) Any suggestions?


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I came across the same question and some interesting info at dpreview under "Kodak DSLR talk": the response claims AI bellows, including the PB4, PK13 ext tube, are okay but warned about older non-AI accessories possibly damaging the lens mount contacts with repeated use.(on the Kodak 14's). Of course all metering, auto focus, don't work, making trial & error the obvious solution - no surprise. The posting includes a link with ex&les of 10x magnification shot with a Kodak 14 that look nice. A while ago I posted a question about using my old Nikon LF adapter on my new FM3a here at; later a dealer told me to call Nikon USA tech support. Nikon said not to use non-AI mounts accessories - someone here said the warning was "covering his own" on Nikon tech's part - Has anyone here used old F mount stuff on the D100 or D70? As far as vignetting is concerned, maybe it is less of a problem with Nikon DSLR's (due to ccd size) than it is with 35mm.
<<Nikon said not to use non-AI mounts accessories - someone here said the warning was "covering his own" on Nikon tech's part - Has anyone here used old F mount stuff on the D100 or D70?>> Only the original FM could use both AI and non-AI lenses.
Nikon is correct. Don't use the old lenses on any AI camera, film or digital. The FM has a little hinge that could be flipped up to allow a non-AI lens to be used. The old lenses will ruin the AI mechanism.



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Thanks Bob - that makes sense. I read that mounting a bellows on DSLR exposes the ccds to more dust than simle lens changes. I would be interested in seeing digital macro work from the nikoninfo group. Tom


I have a PB4 Bellows with tilts and shifts and it is a neat unit. But it is non AI. Wonder if it will touch the contacts on a D70? I don't think the D70 has the AI coupler so that is not a problem. Think only the contact problem is all I need to worry about.
Is this correct? The dust problem with a bellows will be another problem.


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I think Bob Rosen said it all - don't do anything that might invalidate the warranty. I bought a used 105mm 2.8AFD and I would like to see what it can do mounted on a D100 - I ordered a coupling adapter but I still have a few basic bellows and a 50mm EL Nikkor, Novoflex bellows lens, and a 75mm Rodenstock Rodagon R. Too many gadgets...


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I just purchased a second used Novoflex bellows -This one meters at full aperture and it came w/a Nikon mount & 105 f4 Novoflex close-up lens, used $99US. No tilts or shifts and I am not sure how good Novoflex lenses are but to a amateur like myself, it looks like a nice set-up.I came across it while looking for a Novoflex to Nikon camera adapter for my Novoflex BAL-S.


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I do not see any advantage of using the Novoflex bellows w/Noflexar 105mm f4 (even coupled with the PK13)in place of the Nikkor 105mm 2.8AFD w/o extension tube - the Novoflex's min. f22 aperture and the extension seem to limit DOF & prevent repro greater > 1:1.


Looking to upgrade my lens collection, any comments on the 17mm-55mm DX lens? I'm looking to have a lens that can pretty much be used for all around shooting. I'm also thinking of purchasing a micro lens, I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks,


> I have this lens and it is great. I recently returned from Alaska with > about 2000 pics taken with this lens. I can't say enough good things > about it.DHW


I still think that the 24-85 AFS-G is a better all-around lens. The two are *very* similar, but the focal length is a better match for my shooting at least. If I need to go wider than 24mm, I just take two shots and stitch them together. I use it for wedding photography. The AFS is sweet and great sharpness.