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Dual range Summicron on M6TTL


New Member
I'm looking at getting an old dual range summicron with eyes for my M6TTL. I've heard that there are problems with the compatibility between this camera/lens combination while using the eyes for close focus. Any help would be appreciated.


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Active Member
The eyes won't attach to my M7 (serial 288xxxx). It looks like they changed the cam degree on the body so that it won't make it up the "r&" on the DR summicron/close-focus.

It works perfectly fine as a standard lens. See my website / gallery for some photos I've taken with it.

Karen Nakamura


Active Member

Is CF functioning well with M6 non-TTL and Konica Hexar RF? Is CF practical in yr subject area? I'm interested to have one but worried it can provide me a lot of reproduction ratio.

PS: in my separate post, I believe Leica should produce a real close-up lens.


Active Member
Not having a M6-non-TTL or Hexar RF, I can't say.

Anyway, if you want closefocus, spend $200 and get a Spotmatic SP with a bellows attachment. Much better than trying to spend $400-1500 on an M7.



According to Stephen Gandy's website (
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) Leica confirmed the DR "will not mount on all M6", and he recommends testing your lens-camera combo before buying. He says it can be used with the Konica Hexar.