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Dust in lens



As zaiss lens are not 100% sealed, i find my ziess lens with some dust in them, should i get them cleaned?(i know they do nto affect picture quality)

Does your ziess lens also have a lot of dust in them after prolong use and focusing...

In fact i see a used german 85 2.8 and is hesitating to get it due to the large amount of dust in it. it is the oldest one with words engraved on it.should I get it?


I would also like to know what to do about this. I have the 80-200 VS zoom, and since I bought it in mint condition 2 years ago, several large black flecks of material have attached themselves to on of the inner elements. A dealer I spoke to said this is pieces of lens casing coming off as the lens gets older, caused by the iris action, but that it shouldn't affect picture quality.

However, I find this very annoying in a brand as expensive as Contax. Clearly, if the whole element becomes gradually covered in bits this WILL affect picture quality! Options are to sell the lens, impossible at a good price without deceiving the buyer, to have it cleaned, which is expensive and risky (what happens if the construction of the lens is not right afterwards? they can add dirt and moisture which you won't realise until some time afterwards etc.)

I have stopped examining this lens as it makes me too angry! For the moment, picture quality is excellent though. You could buy the lens, but make sure if there's more dust than usual that you get it at a price that reflects this ; there should be a substantial discount. For if you take that lens to a dealer to sell it, the first thing he will say is "Hah! Dirt in the optics, it's not worth a sausage."



Hi Nick

I to own a 80-200 (9 years now) and when it was 2 years old, I had an autorized repairman remove the lose pieces and particals inside.
Unfortunally for him, he damaged the frontlens while removing it and the whole lens had to go to CZ-germany to be re-asssembled.
Now it works just fine, and there havent been more pieces inside.
Maybe its a start-up problem, so I would consider having it cleaned.