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DXO rating system


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The DXO rating system rewards the possibility to use high ISO settings quite strongly.

That results in the peculiar conclusion that both the Canon EOS 5D MKII and the EOS 1Ds MK III are better cameras.
Similar Nikon cameras may well receive the same valuation.

It would surprise me if there are any users of the Hasselblad H3D39IIMP camera who will agree to this.

Why not compare IQ for these cameras at the highest ISO value the Hasselbald camera allows?
I am quite sure which camera will be the winner.



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The default test scores you see on DxOs test site do not take resoluion into account! There is no inherent advantage to more pixels in their default measurement system ("screen"). This is how a D3X can compete so handily with MFDB's costing many times more. If you wish to factor in resolution change the test to "print", where rather than being measured at 100%, all image files are downrezed to 8MP. This favors higher-resolution sensors.



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Hi Brad,

I did not even look that far into DXOs rating system.

These posts will be moved into a new thread because they have no direct meaning to the thread about the CFV39.