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Dynax 5 28100 af lenses picture problem


New Member
bought a dynax 5 with 28-100 af (minolta) lenses about a month ago. shot 3 rolls so far and have had to scrap about 20 pictures so far. all have the same "problem" on them.
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(negative scans, but all images have almost identical black shapes on them, at the top and also at the bottom)
could it be connected to cold temperatures? one full roll i shot inside turned up fine but other series that ive shot outside usually start turning up these pictures at some point. isnt the operation temperature range for minolta cams at -20-+35 or something like that? (must have been like -5C for those pictures).
any ideas what the artifact on the picture is? maybe the mirror isn't moving up fast enough?
any thoughts on what it could be and what i should try to do to localize the problem is appreciated.

vahur teller