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Dynax Maxxum 5D finally announced


... see also our news section. Will be available in autumn. Price with Kit lens 18-70 will be 990.- Euro, but will surely come down.

6.1 MP CCD, Antishake, 2.5 inch screen. Externally seems to be a lot of cost-cutting (cheap looking). But internally seems to be very close to the 7D.

Smaller and lighter than the 7D (all plastic?)


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It's said to be glass fibre?

Looks fine to me, but like the 350D and D50 it's tiny.
Not my cup of tea as a second body, but I'm sure as a digicam upgrade it will sell big time.

Check out the white balance bracketing function...excellent.

Rest of the spec is very close to the 7D...again excellent