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E300 vs Competition


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There seems to be a big, competitive market forming for sub-$1000 digital SLR's. Does anyone have BOTH and E-300 and one of its competitors (e.g. Canon Didital Rebel or Pentax *ist)? Or hands on experience? If so, how did they compare?


I bought a Pentax *istDL in July and was quite happy with it because I already had two Pentax tele-lenses which fit it. However, my wife bought me an Oly E-300 recently and I love it. It was also much cheaper than the Pentax but feels much sturdier, and as far as versatility and set-up options are concerned, the Oly E-300 is almost a 'pro' level camera compared to the Pentax. On the Pentax you have to go into the menu-system to change most things, whereas on the Oly there are dedicated buttons to change things quickly (things like WB, RAW or JPEG, Focusing Mode etc., they can all be changed with a dedicated button). I've since sold the Pentax -- even today it costs more to buy a Pentax *istDL body than an E-300 with lens, and yet the Oly is the more capable and better built of the two.


Is this a bargain or not? I don't have the earning power that I did back in the days when I bought my OM-1, OM 10 - I just came across a "manager's special" at a local store of a US chain, $499 for the E300 + cheaper kit zoom lens (which does not interest me as I really want to buy the 50mm macro lens).


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That sounds like a good price, but I would make sure the camera is new with warranty, etc.

Try this for your 50mm Macro if you are looking for a new one.

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Gilbert - Thanks for your reply; the "manager special" cameras are new, the Olympus E300 w/lens are $499 & Nikon D50 - w/cheaper zoom kit lens are $599 at the local CompUSA. The E300 viewfinder looks a little small & dark for my tired, old eyes.


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> Good deal, though at that pricing, the lose over $150 on each set. How do they do it? Repacked refurbs? Could be because E-330 has been announced, maybe 300 is already discontinued.