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Eagerly waiting



Hi, ya'll! i am waiting for my R9 to be shipped,and the suspense is pure torture. just an operational question for any R owner who wants to respond...when i use the P mode,does this mean that the shutter speed setting has to be set on 1/30 sec and set for f/16? and if so what is the logic behind using this smallest of apertures in this case??Thanks to my Leica family!!


And well you might anticipate your R9. I love my R8!

No, the 1/30 setting allows the camera to shoot to a max time of 1/30th. If you set it 1/60 that would be longest exposure. Similarly for the aperture. They suggest you affect the aperture by changing the speed. But if you were to set the aperture to say F4 for shallow depth of field it will all work fine - with the aperture at F4 or wider. The aperture setting is just the smallest aperture it is allowed to select.

Al least this is my understanding. I hope someone will correct me if I am wrong!