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Early summer here (SD10)


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Got back my SD10. I feel more confortable with it than with the SD9, although the SD9 colours are unsurpassed.
Here the weather has done a radical change and we're in some kind of summer preview ;)



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Great shot...I would love to be on that boat...not having to worry about anything....

Tony C....:z04_cowboy:


Well-Known Member
Thanks, Tony... Me too :)
I forgot to mention the shot was taken with the Sigma 28-105...

About the dust spots

Hello Jesito,

Nice picture, inviting to relaxation! But I notice several dust spots in your sky, near the horizon.

This is not a negative comment, but rather an occasion for me to give you this tip, in case you don't know it: why don't you get rid of them using the healing brush tool in Photoshop (the Band-Aid tool) or in the GIMP?

This is sooooo easy to do: use the tool circle cursor, make the brush size large enough to have the dust spot fit in the center of the circle and just click... The dust spot instantaneously disappear!

Hope you will find this little tip helpful.

Keep shooting nice summer picture!