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EF430 Super Flash


New Member
Hi Guys,

Does anybody know the reason why wouldn't an EF-430 Super Flash work on an SD10 and an SD14?

However an EF-DG 450 Super Flash would work on all SD14, SD10, SD9, SA9, SA7 and SA5.

I've tried using an EF-430 Super Flash on an SD10 but could not make it work with TTL/Auto.

I can only make it work with all the rest of the modes of the flash on manual camera settings.

Sad to say I have 2 of these EF-430s being used on my SA-5 and I would very much like it to work with my SD10 DSLR.

There's something about the way the EF-430 Super is designed that prevents it from being used with the SD10 or the SD14.

There's one odd thing that I notice though.

When in TTL/Auto mode, the EF-430 Super responds in all aspect when you change the focal lenght, change ISO and even the shutter speed. It only does not want to fire.

To my surprise, the SD10 does not have wireless flash capability unlike my SA 5, hence the reason why I bought 2 of the EF-430 super flash.

It would be nice if there is a workaround for this.

I have ordered an EF-DG 450 SUper flash from my supplier and it's due to arrive end of this month.

Meantime, I'm just curious and tempted to t&er with the EF-430 Super flash.

I hope somebody can help me on this.