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End of Manual Focus lenses


I just got an Email from a German product manager from Kyocera stating that they will terminate the MF system. He gave me this link:
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After a similat question to Zeiss Germany, I got the answer that the whole responsibility is by Kyocera.
If it would be their decision a lenses would be further available.

The Kyocera manager gave me also a hint to a well known Contax dealer in Germany, so that I could complete my gear.

If it is the truth, this are sad news.


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Funny how my prediction here was correct (
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Looks like the end of N-mount line may come sooner than I thought. I'd say within next 6 months. And probably by this time next year Kyocera won't be making Contax digital cameras either.

Time to get all these accessories I kept thinking about.


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Hmmm, maybe another N lens and a spare N-1 body to hold on into the future.

Anyone use the NX, I've thought of that as a back-up, but it looks so wimpy. Anyone using the N 70-200. Be frank here, If it's inferior to the other lenses tell me so.


Marc: First, I'm an amateur and don't shoot decisive moment or wedding photography. I've found the NX be the better N camera for me ergonomically (for my hand size). It's lighter and I found I liked the rear thumb roller control wheel and found I could change metering modes quickly while looking through the viewfinder. Very fast operation. The shutter is quieter than the N1 - not sure how shutter delay compares. Autofocus is simple - select one of five sensors, no tracking, no sensor groupings. It worked well with the heavier 17-35 and 70-300 lenses, probably because I could wrap my hands around it better than the N1 and you hold onto the lens w/one hand anyway. For some unknown reason my NAM-1 adapter dosent work on my NX but is fine on my N1. I have the 70-200 but havent shot much w/ the 70-300. Its good enough for me but color/constrast may be better with the 70-300mm, autofocus is def better. The 70-200 dosent have the integrated auto/manual focus action - you have to flip the switch, and the manual focus action cant compare to the 70-300mm. Bob Shell had a review of the NX during 2001 or 2002. I think its still up on the PopPhoto website. He was very positive about NX use with flashes.


Hi Marc,

I had both, the N70-200 and the N70-300. I kept the N70-200, because of its size, weight and minimum aperture. IMO the image quality is better than the N70-300. As mentioned earlier, you do have to use a switch on the lens for changing to manual focus. But nevertheless the shorter zoom has more advantages over the longer than disadvantages. But I do not need 300mm neither. So this depends on your own requirements.

I had also both, the NX and the N1. See my review about the NX and about thze N1 in the forum. I personally prefer the N1. It is looking more solid, feels better and has MLU, higher shutter speed (because of this slightly louder and more vibration then NX). As far as I can remember the NX has no interchangable viewing screens, the N1 does have this. There are minor difference in handling the bodies, which is more a personal taste and up to you. But the size of the NX is definetly smaller, which makes it very attractive, although not as small as an Aria.

But the NX and the N24-85 looks a little bit strange

Hope that helps...


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Thank you Dirk. I have the 70-300 and it is pretty good optically. So if you think the 70-200 is better, then that makes it a good caudate for purchase. The MF switch doesn't bother me.