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Enlarging lens on a screw camera


New Member
Hi all,
For my first post on this forum, a question:
Is it possible to use an enlarging lens on a Barnack? I have a varob, 50mm f/3,5, coming from an old Focomat. A formula of Elmar 3,5.Of course, no possibility to focuse on the subject. When I compare a collapsible Elmar ( on infinity ) and this varob, they seem to have the same length. For landscapes, or urban views, do you think that's possible?
georges h ( France )


> The lens will fit on a screw mount Leica, but, as you wrote there is

> "no possibility to focuse on the subject." The only use I can think of > would be for extreme close-ups using a bellows with a Focaslide or a

> reflex housing.


New Member
Thanks, Rmarv, I think I can only use this varob on a Visoflex, as a head of 90 mm or of 135 mm, or with a below.


> I've tried (with sucess) enlarging lenses on the Leica M (and even > on the M8) using the Visoflex and the proper adapter ring. For > older cameras I'd use an older formula Visoflex, but this I haven't

> tried.

Good Luck!


New Member
Thanks, Zapman, with a Viso, it seems to be a good choice. I try assoon as possible