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EOS 1Ds Mk II Availability



Yes, they've been out for a few weeks, some people actually have one, but go to any web reseller and you'll see "Out Of Stock".

I called B&H yesterday to ask about the situation. They said they received some initial inventory, which lasted a few hours, and where waiting for more, but no date from Canon. I figure the only way to get one is to sit outside the store and wait for a shipment to come in, when they do.

I had signed on to get e-mailed at home when available, but I figured by the time I get home it's evening and they few that came in will be gone. So this morning from work I went to the B&H web site to have them notify me at work. This way I may stand a chance of seeing it in time to grab one, when they do get in.

Imagine my gasp when I go to the product page and it says "In Stock"! I quickly clicked "Buy" and checked out.

After lunch I check my B&H wishlist and the item is still in stock. Wow! I call B&H to see if I actually managed to grab one, and the guy thinks so but can't be entirely sure until the CC verification process goes through and gets charged, but he noted that it said "Not In Stock". Huh? My wishlist entry still says "In Stock" so I start getting a bad feeling - a delayed web transaction that will find no stock.

However, when I check and try to add it from my wish list again like I did earlier, the cart comes up with a message that there is not enough inventory, so I breath deep and better. So it looks like I nabbed the last one they had for a few hours, must have been a cancellation or maybe somebody returned it, hopefully in new condition. I think unfortunately I missed the shipping for this week-end.

I hate waiting! But who doesn't? Let's see what happens. Sorry for the long post.