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EOS D10 Flash Synch Speed


Well-Known Member
Unless I am reading it wrongly the manual for the D-10 says that the synch speed for studio flas units is limited to 1/60th whereas it is up to 1/200th for on camera units .
Can anyone explain why the studio units should be limited to the slowe speed altho' in practice it probably makes little difference .



That's Canon erring on the side of caution. The EOS 10D is designed to sync via PC cord at 1/60th, but it will also sync with external flashes at speeds higher than that. I rountinely get perfect results with my 10D and Profoto Acute kit at 1/125th and 1/200th. Canon's flash documentation has been a little shaky in the past, so It's best to independantly verify whatever you may read, especially online [grin].



Well-Known Member
Thx Matthew -Thats what I thought might be the case . I'll try it at higher speeds to see what happens .
On a similar subject I have in the past used an infra-red trigger with my Canon film cameras as both my Courtenay units have slaves . Have you ever used a such a trigger with your D-10 . Sometimes it doesnt work because i often use brollies so the slave is then at the back of the unit-away from the camera and out of sight of the trigger .
I have seen this radio operated device on Ebay and wondered if it might solve that problem .The alternative might be to get a small slave and attach it to a pc cord and plug it in to the unit and place it somewhere in line of sight of the trigger .
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