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EOS3 Inconpatability with 100400 IS AF lens



Ever since I purchased my EOS-3 and the 100-400 IS lens, I have had problems using the lens with the EOS-3. All results using the lens at maximum focul length are soft, no matter what the shutter speeds or apperature settings are. The camera and lens have been back to canon several times, but the problem has persisted. Canon simply say that both the body and lens are up to scrath. I know that when using the lens on other cameras, including my XL1s video are sharp and crisp, nothing wrong there. Also when using all my other L lens with the EOS 3 all images are 100%. As soon as I connect the 100-400, the problem returns.

Interestingly, the photographic college where I am attending as a mature student have found the same problem with their EOS3 and 100-400 IS. I have now writen to Canon UK about my problem, but so far and despite four weeks, Canon have not replied.

All I can add is that in a final test I set both Camera and lens on bags of sand and using a shutter release with a several high shutter speeds in sequence, not one image was sharp.

Does anyone have any advice or similar experience? I am left with one alternate, sell the EOS-3 and put the problem down to experience.

Footnote: I used the lens on a recently purchased EOS D20 this week at shutter speeds as low as 1/45 sec and apperatures of f5.6 and f8, all images are 100%