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Epson V700/750 120 film holder questions

Can someone shed light on my two question?
I've cut my 120mm 6x6 slide/negs into three frames per cut. I did this because the V750 can only scan three frames per lane (two lanes in their holder). My problem is that the V750 holder for 120 mm film only (barely) holds the edge of film that you all know has a memory to curl, hence making it almost impossible for it to lay flat. It's next to impossible to get the thin bits of film in. Buy cloth gloves. Trust me. You'll need them.

Question 1: Betterscanningcom's holder has (i'm told) separate locks placed by the user between the 2nd and 3rd frames that hold the filmstrip in the holder flat. Their solution is "better" according to users but because it too is plastic shouldn't durability of snapping plastic parts together be my concern? If yes, has anyone experience using their antinewton ring glass used to hold down 120mm 6x17mm landscape-format negatives?

Question 2: Surely Epson must have some way of making film sit flat in their holder. Epson could not have overlooked so flagrant a design flaw. Was my V750 shipped without the parts that hold the curvey film flat? What am I doing wrong? Or better, what should I do?


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The film does not lay perfectly flat, but the scans seem to be fine. I have seen posts about a wet mounting option, but for my uses the included holder is getting superior results.

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My experience is similar to Bigalbest's (did I get that right?).....despite some curl (none of my film is severely curled), I'm getting acceptably sharp scans. I don't know how/why, but that's the case.

I might buy the Betterscanning film holder just to see how much better it can be. In the meantime...give the Epson holder a try and see how it works for you and your film. Maybe something can be done to reduce the curl in your negatives....I'm not sure what or how, but perhaps someone here has a suggestion.

For the price, I'm REALLY happy with the V750.....just wish I could afford a Hasselblad scanner. Maybe someday.



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I am using the V700 with the
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MF holder and ANR glass to scan 6x17 slides (using an analoge Fuji GX617 panoramic camera I just purchased).

The Epson holders appear flimsy, compared to the betterscanning MF Holder. Betterscanning MF holder handling is much easier, especially when using the ANR glass. Since I have just received the MF holder and scanned as little as 20 slides, my experience is somewhat limited.

Concerning scan quality and sharpness: I do prefer the betterscanning holder/ANR combination although there is no GREAT difference - but there is a difference.