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Error messages on Sony A100K


New Member
Hi, please correct me if I'm wrong as this is my first time in the forum. I'm starting a new thread but I also posted this msg before on an existing one.

I'd like for you to help me with an error msg that appears on the screen of my Sony A100K. The msg says: CAMERA ERROR CODE: 0x31.
The flash wont shoot either.
I reboot the camera and it's gone, but eventually it comes back up.
¿Is it a hardware issue?
I really could use your help.
Thank you very much.


New Member
I am having the same issue with my A100k. Does anyone have any ideas?
Does anyone have a listing of all Sony error codes and what they mean for this unit?


New Member
OK, I found the answer. 0x31 is an internal fault that must be repaired by the MFG. I took mine back to Wolf's and got a no questions asked replacement as soon as I showed them the error code.