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Europe color film scanning service


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Hi all,

I am still shooting film, which I think is more fun and satisfying, both 6x6 and 135. However, due to lack of time it will be hard for me to continue this road, since developing color negatives (even at the lab) and scanning the images is too time consuming. If I wish to continue shooting film, I need another alternative.

I am based in Denmark. My question is if anyone knows a lab that will receive my color negs or slides from Denmark, develop and scan them and return them to me digitally? I don't have the patience for scanning color negs anymore. I am willing to pay good money for this service. The lab in Copenhagen that does it is very expensive IMO. Scanning alone is about 50 Euros + 25% VAT for one 135 film and the quality isn't impressive.

Can anyone help me? I wish to keep shooting film as long as possible. Thank you!



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Hi Mc,
when the scan has a good quality of Flextight or Drumscan, that's not expensive for an entire 6x6 film.
In Germany we have a scanning service with Flextight's and take a 6x6 scanned film 3F 65,00 EUR.



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How many films a month/year do you estimate ? Could be interested if there's regular work available.

I could offer a One-Stop Shop for you. Receive the film here in the UK, have it processed at the UK's best Professional photo processor and scan it on my Imacon 848 at whatever resolution you require; then ship it back on CD. I have the equipment and availability to operate a quality service in a timely manner. :)