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Ever ready cases


A newbie to this forum I hope you can stand newbie questions...
Would an older M2/M3 ever ready case fit to a M6 camera body? The body dimensions should be the same but perhaps the thread on the screw mount is a different size?



Older M2/3 cases in Europe do have mostly a thick ('German') screw, and do not fit the M6. However, in the US, on ebay, you can find many M2/3 cases with 1/4 screw thread ('English'). They fit very well and when you find one in a good shape (about $50) you have a beautiful thing. Their drawback is that the snout is fixed and can only be removed by using violence (saw). Using only the part in which the camera is fixed by the screw keeps your body clean (no wear on the strap carrying eyelets: the strap is connected to the case). The cases which have a provision for carrying the camera with lenses with 'goggles' (35mm and 50mm DR) are the best, they offer extra protection at the right side of the camera where its most fragile part is located: the viewfinder.

Best regards,



Dear Sigurd:

a funny idea - i hope - is the following what i did, mixing Leica M and R systems:

i took the ever-ready case of Leica R4 (same for R5 or R6) and put it over the the M6. It works, really.
And You have the shelter for the back DIN/ASA-element of the M6.
And it is "hidden".

The only negative aspect for me was that the left side of finder is a little bit covered.

Today i use the Luigi case oder the original LEICAS soft bag for M6 with Elmar 50 (even the 2,0/40 works well).
(B.t.w. i have lost the hand strap, if You have one left? Leica can't give new ones!)

But for transportation in the luggage etc. i use the "cheap" R-case up to today.

Have fun!


On sigurd's query re an m2/m3 case for an M6,as a temporary solution until you get a better case, you can remove the European screw from the case you have by carefully lifting the red felt inside the case, sliding the lock nut aside and removing the screw completely.
You then find a screw that fits the M6 -- preferably a Leica screw from a damaged Leica case-- and simply replace the new screw for the old one.
I've done it a few times and it works very well if you use an original Leica screw because they are larger in diameter than common replacement screws. -- bob cole


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I'm currently using a Leica M3 case for my M7. The only modification I had to made was that I enlarge the rear cut-out for the M7's ISO/AEC dial. It works like a charm and it looks very retro.




Just changing tack ever-so-slightly, in my search for the perfect starter M-system, has anyone here got experience of the 'ever-ready' cases found here?

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The case with the built-in handgrip intrigues me ...




That's one of Luigi's cases and I think you'd find it to be outstanding as far as quality and fit goes. They're not inexpensive but nothing in the way of Italian leatherwork ever is. They're amongst the best in the world and are reknown for their leather mastery.

As far as a half case goes...they're called "never-ready" cases but I must admit that they save your camera from being banged up. I will usually have a half case on one body when I'm carrying more than just a single camera with me.

You'll NOT have a disappointment with the above case though.



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Actually, the half case is an EVER ready case. The only thing you can't do with the 1/2 is change film.
The full leather case with front is often called the never-ready. I always keep my M6 in the Leitz half case and it fits my hands beautifully and at the same time offers protection for much (but not all) of the body.