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Eveready Case



Does anyone know if Canon ever produced an eveready case for the A1 that attached via the tripod mount? IF not, do any other cases fit the A1?


Active Member
>=20 > Yes all the A series use the same case except the AL-1. Not hard to find b= ut=20 > they are all beat to shit by now they used the worlds junkiest vinyl for=20 > them and they are all falling apart. There is a couple guys selling new=20 > production third party cases on ebay that are quite nice I got a couple fo= r friends=20 > and they really like them. >=20 > Mark W. >=20 > Canonitis FD sufferer and collector of 1950s rangefinder cameras including= =20 > Braun/Paxettes and Leica LTM cameras and optics >=20 > Show and tell:
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>=20 > Don't meddle in the affairs of Dragons, as you are crunchy and taste good=20 > with ketchup!=A0=A0=20 >=20 >=20 >=20