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Everready cases for Aria and RXII


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Some weeks ago I decided to give a breath of fresh air to my contax SLR system. My old trusty S2 will enjoy a much easier life from now on, ao I bought an Aria and a RXII. They ARE superb cameras (but I find the Aria mirror lift is significantly slower compared with the S2's one).
Well, both cameras are really goods pieces of equipment. But I miss something that was called "Ever ready case".

When I bought the S2 the only "soft" case available was the so-called C3, quite useless, in fact. In order to take a photo, one had to unzip and un-velcro the whole case, take it way (or it would fall), take the photo (scratching your camera base if you had to lean the camara against something) and repeat the procedure again and again.

Luckily I found a Contax RTS Ever-ready case in a very sorry state but which did its job remarkably well for six years until it decided it did not want to play anymore and broke.
The S2 was very similar to the Yashica FX-3 but I did not find any FX3 case to fit. I managed to find one new old stock Rollei SL 35 case which fitted almost perfectly. It only needed some trimming around the tripod hole and under the winding lever, because the Rollei SLR is significantly taller. I am very happuy with that case, very well built and thick, which has really protected my trusty S2 from the elements.

But now I find myself not knowing what to do with the Aria and the RXII. I want some old.stile Ever-ready case, with detachable front and which is fitted to the camera via the tripod hole (and whose bolt is threaded to accept the tripod, please).
As Contax dose not provide these kind of cases anymore, I would be very grateful if anyone from the forum could shine some light on a viable third-party chance to get an ER case (e.g. Nikon F3, some case from Canon EOS range, even doing some "surgery" to adapt it), because I really miss the classic case, and without it I will not be taking my Aria or RX in the wild.
There are some independent manufacturers out there, but only make custom cases for the T3 and G2, and around USD300 for the G-series, but nothing for the SLR system.

Great forum. Thanks to everyone.


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By all accounts, the man you want to reach is Luigi Crescenzi of
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in Rome. He makes an extensive line of cases for Leica R and M, with further customization on request: impeccable reputation, beautiful results. For a price (and the possible loan of a camera), I imagine he can make the case and strap of your dreams.

Please report on the relative noise between the Aria and the RX II. It's a topic of some interest around here.


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Thank you very much for your help, Rico. I will contact him immediately. And be sure I will report about the Aria/RXII duel.

Best regards,