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Exchanging lenses


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Question from a rookie...
I have been using my M6TTL with a 35mm non asph for about a year. I think I would rather have a 50mm lens. What's the best way to go about exchanging the lens? Trade it in? Any advice is appreciated
Jeff in Texas


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Unless you need the money to pay for a 50, keep it. I think down the road you will regret having sold the 35. Selling it on Ebay will get you the most cash for it, or sell it here or on


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Hi Jeff: Which 35mm might I ask? The small "gem" is very unique, and I think you might be sorry you sold it. If you can, why don't you buy the 50mm ( or better, try to borrow one ), use both for a while, and then decide if you must sell the 35mm.



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why do you will need to change from 35 to 50.? what is bad on 35, and what do you will appreciate with the 50.?
With other camera that you have like nikon, or contax, do you have the 50.?
I think that you know about the plus of the 35 summicron. The best lens on the market, not only words, but reality.
How do you see the landscape with your eyes.? like a 50 or a 35.?
Like Elliot, you will see the difference if you can compare both quality of lenses. After using both, you can see wich one is better for you.
For me, I prefer the 35. The angle of view is more like I see, than with the 50. For me the 50 is a small tele. I don't take pictures of landscape, I use to take pictures of people, reportage, and I prefer to use the 35, and when I need a tele I use the 75, for portraiture.


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Thanks for your input. I have a 35mm Summicron. I apparently don't know how to use the best lens there is! I tend to see the world as a zoom lens rather than taking it all in..
Probably one of the reasons I'm a lousy photographer!
To answer your question Laurent, I have a 50mm lens on my Canon EOS, and have a couple of zoom lenses for my Contax N1.(24-85 and 70-300) I have a 28mm and a 40mm for my Contax G2, and don't use the 28mm anymore! I guess I just prefer zooms/telephotos.



Keep the 35 as it is a nice lens with good imaging charastics. Either optical version of the last fifties will compliment it nicely. I would not sell it for a while.