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Exellent Prices for all Leica Lenses




I just recieved an email from
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that they have a 4% sale on all Leica equipment.
I just bought my long awaited 90 F2 at a fantastic price.


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If you go on their website you will see that you can buy an R9 for $1717.44 on sale rather than their regular price of $1709!! Think I'll wait til the sale over. 4% wow...let's all line up early in the morning!!!


I have made good experiences in Hong Kong buying Leica equipment. And now, with the strong EUR, Leica lenses are again comparatively cheap there! I recommend to stop over in HK on your next Asia trip - just for checking different (official!) Leica dealers.


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Planning to stop over in HK for a few days and pick up a few Leica M gears. Does anyone know roughly the retail prices of the following items in HK? I would like to find out how much more expensive they are in the UK.

a)M7 TTL body only (black, either 0.72 or 0.85),
b)M6 TTL body only, if this is still available(black, either 0.72 or 0.85),
c)M lenses 28mm f2 Summicron M,
d)M lenses 50mm f 2.8 Elmarit M (collapsable),
e)M lenses 50mm f 2 Summicron M, and
f)M lenses 90mm f2.8 Elmarit M.



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Hi Lawrence I concur with Justin that you contact Joseph Yao in HK - you will not be disappointed

Joseph Low


Make that three. I have found Joseph Yao a great place to do business with. Three Thumbs Up!!! B2 (;->


Never seen a web site. Always used E-Mail. Broad range of products, good prices. Will spend time to quote items you may not buy. Prices seem great. Honest and tries to please. B2 (;->


How is this for an amazing retailer.

He has never dealt with me, never heard of me, and sends a lens and viewfinder to Australia on approval!


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> Hi Justin

To be fair - you came with an impeccable introduction - further you yourself are not that uknown amongst Leicaphiles :)

Krgds Joseph Low