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Expired 35mm film 13 rolls in total %2410 plus shipping


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I have 13 rolls of expired photographic film that have been kept frozen since the day I bought it. I will let it all go for $10 plus shipping. I will ship via USPS or FedEx Ground if you want.
I'm located in US, so naturally it will only make sense if you're located in US as well.

The list is below.

5 (five) rolls of Fuji Provia 100F RDPIII 36exp, expiration date 2003-5 (four rolls), 2003-4 (one roll).

2 (two) rolls of Fuji 64T(Tungsten) Type II (RTPII) 36exp. Expiration date of 2003-10 and 2003-4

2 (two) rolls of Kodak Professional T400CN (C-41 B&W film) 36exp. Made in England. Expiration date 2003-9

2 (two) rolls of Kodak Professional TMAX 400 Pro TMY 135-36. Made in England. Expiration date 2003-11

1 (one) roll of Kodak Ektachrome 64T (Tungsten) EPY 135-36. Made in USA. Expiration date 2003-6

1 (one) roll of AGFA Optima II Prestige 36exp. Made in Germany. Expiration date 2003-6


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Just found I have one more T400CN. So, the total is 14 rolls. The price is the same - $10 for everything.