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Extension Tube advice for my 645 please


New Member
I currently own a 45, 80 and 140 for my Contax 645. I am intereted in filling the frame with the subject's face and hair with my 140mm. Could someone please tell me which tube is best for this? The 13 or 26mm? I guess the larger tube is a little too much. Thanks for the help.


Active Member
Yashica 6*6cm
Sorry for off-topic. I ve 6*6, Yashica TLR. Is it possible to shoot with it not only with standart 80mm lens? They perhaps use some system of filters (of certain dioptric size) and mount on the fixed lens. It should change your lens to wide or to long focal lenght.
Anyone knows more about it? Do not know, how is it called, so do not know what to look for.
Thanx in advance. Pavel


Well-Known Member

Do a search for Rollinar, or Bay 1 (Bayonet 1) close up lenses. It will lead you to what you want to do.

Cheers, Bob.