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Extra GSystem Stuff For Sale


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Hello all:

I have some odds and ends that might be of interest to some G-system users out there that I will never use and would like to sell without fooling around on an auction site this time.

I have a lot of four (4) brand new Contax leather lens pouches for the G-system. Two of them are GCL-1's and two are GCL-2's. I'll sell the bunch of them but am not interested in four separates sales. I'll take $75 USD for the set of four plus shipping. These cases have never been used nor marked, and this set of four would accomodate a 28, 35, 45, and 90mm set, or three of these and the zoom.

I also have a Contax 46mm P-filter, a Contax 46mm UV filter and an extra Contax GG-3 hood (new) that I'll take $25 USD each for plus shipping.

Finally, I've got a GG-1, GG-2, and GG-3 hood set which are used, and they are the Chinese knock-offs of the actual Contax product. They work fine, I was just able to replace them with the Contax hoods at a good price. $25 US for the three of them.

If you want the lot, take it all for $150.00 (hoods, lens pouches and filters) plus shipping.

Contact me at by Monday 12/10 if you want these items. I'm going overseas on 12/11 and would need to know where to ship so I could package the stuff and ship it out before I go, or have staff send it out.

Payment to be made by Paypal. Sorry, but I'll be gone for two months and have no way to take anything else.