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Eyecup alternatives for SD14 and SD15


For the SD14 and SD15 (don't recall what the SD9 and 10 had), the eyecup leaves much to be desired. I have found two alternatives that work. The first is the A700 Sony eyecup that needs a little work with a pocket knife to enlarge the frame that fits around the SD viewfinder window. This one fits well and is what I have on my SD15. The other is the Olympus E3 eyecup (EP6 I think). This one fits okay, but is loose. To get a proper fit, I applied 4 layers of medical cloth tape. A better solution would be a piece of thin rubber, but I did not have any around. Perhaps a small piece of bicycle inner tube could be glued on the back of the Sony eyecup.

Either provides a better light shield and better protection for eye glasses as well. The Oly solution is easier to fit (but lint could collect under the smaller Oly window - the size does not affect the ability to see the entire viewfinder) but the A700 just looks better (but the eyecup is not in stock at the stores I have checked. Oh, the Sony eyecup is a two piece affair (held by small screws, so it is simple to remove and trim the outer frame).

Hope this helps someone.