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F100 lense issue


New Member
I just bought a new F100--my first Nikon. The deal came with two lenses, both the "G" lense. I know they're entry level, but can I get by for a year or two before I upgrade or is it like putting a 1976 Pinto engine in my Cadillac? If I need to upgrade, which lense would be good for an amateur, aspiring to be better?


New Member
I guess what my older post is asking is, are there sites that might explain the differences in the lenses or should I even be looking at the Nikon lenses?


Hello Shawn,
I also just bought my first Nikon, a Nikon F100. I then bought a good paperback book on the F100
and really studied the Instruction Manual (if you need one, please inform me).
G-lenses are ok if you dont want to use a flash with 3D matrix. Otherwise the correct lenses to use are the AF-D ones. Just look at the site.
Have fun, regards


hey shawn

you get what you pay for. nikon make some great lenses but they also make alot of crap. try hiring a 50mmm 1.4 or a 20mm 2.8 and see the difference. forget the body, the glass is the most important thing.



This is a really hard question to answer and you will get almost as many different points of view as there are photographers.

It is true what Vincent says, however, my advice is to concentrate on the image making side of things. Keep things simple, get used to the gear you have, and only then think about “up gradesâ€. Having fine optics does not make you a better photographer. It is not so much about the gear you have but what you achieve with it.

The problem with the Nikon range is that it offers too much choice. Both Sigma and Nikon make high quality optics, but you need to do some hard research to find out the best performers. At the end of the day it comes down to your own preferences and requirements.

Most importantly enjoy your photography.

Cheers and good luck, Craig


New Member
I had forgotten I even made this post. Thanks for the info! To update--I bought a Nikkor AF-S 24-85 ED-IF and sold my 28-80G lense. I've been real happy with the new lense and it's sooo quiet. I do notice the clarity of the ED glass as well.

I don't think I'll be making any more changes for a while. I must save more cash before any more purchases. I think I'll just shoot more film and get better with what I now have. Thanks for your comments!