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F3 and bayonet lenses



Today I received an F3 with a motorized drive that I purchased over EBAY to use my collection of NIKON Bayonet mount lenses. Did I pull something totally stupid?! When I tried to connect any of my Bayonet lenses none of them would fit and there was no bayonet on the F3. SO, do I now sell the F3 body or the lenses? I had hoped to have a good NIKON body and use the top of the line lenses to have a high quality and very reliable film camera. SUGGESTIONS WELCOMED!!!


New Member
If you had the lenses first and the idea of buying the body was to use the lenses, it would seem to me that you made a mistake in buying the body.
I say resell the body and take the loss, who knows, you might even be able to resell the body at a profit.


Active Member
May I suggest a Nikon F4s? It takes the autofocus and manual lenses. It is the most versatile Nikon Pro camera. The price difference with an F3 is about $100 for an excellent condition body, and it has the motordrive attached for the price. check
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as a great source for new and used Nikons (I have no affiliation with them).


Are you trying to couple non-AI lenses? If so check here: "Meter = coupling lever

Push the meter coupling lever release button and lock the meter coupling = lever in the "up" position before mounting a non-AI Nikkor lens. " The = quotation is from:

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See illustrated instructions in the manual as well.