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F_ _ or FEE fault on D70

Hi all,

Can anyone advise on the above error message I am experiencing with my D70? I have tried several different lenses, all of which are compatible and which I have used with this body many times before. Also removing the battery, ensuring it is fully charged etc. Still the above result (variously FEE or F-- depending on which lens). It was purchased on the first week of release, I have updated the firmware as per Nikon instructions but no use. My local dealer,from whom it was purchased, cleaned the contacts and it worked again correctly-for a few seconds. (He even sprayed air in,which scares me having just read the previous post regarding this). Anyone have any experience with this, or is it back to Nikon do you think? How long do they usually take?

Many thanks
Ali Wilson


Active Member
> Under the heading of "D'Oh!", is it possible that this is simply > because the lenses are not set to their full aperture (on the lens > ring)? I know that's happened to me on my F100 when I first got it.


I get a problem something like that when the f collar, (I'm a photographic ignoramus, so I'll say the one nearest to the camera) is not at the extreme clockwise end of the range, (after f22 on my nikor 35 - 105). There is something about it in the manual relating to G type lenses. Hope that at least points you in the right direction. Cheers, Anthony
> Hi Anthony and Bob,

Many thanks for the posts. However, I have set and reset the aperture rings, in fact the error first occurred with my VR24-120, which has no aperture ring. I tried all the apertures on the camera too, all to no avail. I should have mentioned this before. Thanks anyway

FEE / F_ _ fault - Update

Hi all,

Just FYI - a quick update on the above fault. I receieved my beloved D70 back today after an abscence of barely two weeks. This when I had been informed by my dealer that turnaround is often weeks and it may not be back for Christmas! On top of that,there was no charge apart from shipping! (It is 18+ months old)
I'm informed that the work done consisted of: updating the firmware, cleaning the contacts, and some sort of repair to the contacts.(the last being a bit vague)
So I am a little confused as to whether someone just made a mistake in not charging me, or if there is a known fault there.....I would think that if I had caused some damage somehow then they would have charged me. Either way it was like Christmas came early for me!

Ali Wilson