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FA 50mm 14


New Member
Hi everyone, I'm new here. I am currently very active on another forum, but they seem to be Cannon/Nikon people, and I need some Pentax help.

I hope everyone here is friendly enough to answer some questions for me. I just bought this new lens for my istD, and every picture I have taken with it is GRAINY even @ ISO 200. Also, all of my pictures have a small purple X on them. Can someone help? I need to use this lens tomorrow, and I am going crazy not knowing what to do!


New Member
i guess the grainy thing is the noise... try to activate noise reduction in the menu > custom function > (press right) > noise reduction : ON

small X purple huh.. i guess thats hot pixel or dead pixel... try to shoot in raw

nothing wrong with FA 50mm f1,4... its a super sharp lens