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Fall in Diamond Fork Canyon


Well-Known Member
The weather and the colors have been just perfect for some lovely trips into the mountains of Utah. Here are a few shots I recently took.

SD14 with 18-50 EX macro (at 18):

I usually shoot in aperture mode and let the meter do a lot of the work for me. These were all set for -.7ev or less. There is so much reflective light off of the leaves, I find I need to underexpose, or else too much of the color gets blown out:

Even at -.7ev, much of the color was washed out. This shot is -1.3ev. It's basically the same as shooting stained glass in a dark church:

Standing there, bathed in multiple shades and hues of light, it's hard to imagine that you can really capture a piece of it to take home:

Hope you're all enjoying this fall,



Well-Known Member
Great shots....I really love the first one...hope you don't mind I tried it as a B&W image...with a twist...


Great shots...!!!

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


the b&w conversion is an good idea. It is funny, ho the sme picture can have so many different expressions, just if you switch this. I should try this with my own pictures more often...


Well-Known Member
That's pretty fun, Tony. I like the twist.
I'm glad you like that shot. I was standing on a bridge over the water and took my time to carefully compose and shoot looking down stream. Then, just as I was about to move on, I took a quick snap looking up stream, almost as an afterthought. Of course, it's the quick shot that came out the better of the two.