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Faulty OM4



I bought an OM4 on eBay a couple of months ago but there was a problem with the film back release (basically the rewind lever wasn't making contact with the back's release catch).
I've just got it back from the repairers (after having it back once already, only to find that the back STILL wouldn't open) and now the film speed collar won't lift far enough to disengage it from the Exposure compenstation dial. This has the effect of "locking" the camera in exposure compensation and rendering the spot metering etc. unusable (because the electronics ignores you when you press any of the spot, highlight or shadow buttons).
Has anyone else come across this type of problem with an OM4 or am I just unlucky (and have managed to find a ham-fisted repairer)? Also, if anyone has seen this type of problem have they managed to fix it?


Well-Known Member
I have not had this problem, but I can recommend a good repair person. Check out Camtech at
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- I have had nothing but excellent work done there over the last 10 years.

- marc


Thanks Marc,

I'll bear your recommendation in mind if/when I next need to get any OM kit looked at. Unfortunately I'm kind of locked-in to the guys I'm using now because I've already paid out £64 and I'd be looking at paying the same again to go anywhere else!

I guess that will teach me to buy cameras on eBay!