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Ferrari F-430


Well-Known Member
A friend of mine dropped by my office yesturday with his new Toy...:z04_975:

So I reached for my trusty SD14 (now with a Leica R-Mount) using an Angenieux 35-70 f2.3-3.3....Hope you like them...!!!

F430-1 (Medium).jpg

F430-3 (Medium).jpg

F430-Spetre (Medium).jpg

Wheel (Medium).jpg

Wheel-BW-2 (Medium).jpg

Thanks for looking....(PS - It drives really, really good...!!!) :z04_cowboy:


fantastic red color !

Really good pictures !

I`m glad to see the Ferrari Red in a natural way.

Did you use Sigma SPP4.0 or how did you manage to

avoid the SD14 red channel clipping/shifted red rendition problem?



Well-Known Member
I used SSP 4.0 first...then saved the image as a JPG (highest quality)...then I use to Nikon NX2 to adjust the colors and lighting back to where I like it...

Thanks for looking....Tony C. :z04_cowboy: