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File naming in D1 MKIII


I would like to put my initials before the Canon numbering but I can't get rid of the first underscore that Canon uses by default. Anyone knows if such operation is possible?
This is what I get : _MAS001
This is what I wish to have: MAS_001


Hi Maruzzo,

I am not familiar with the software you are using, but normally "digital asset management" software can do this easily and is part of their workflow.

Look at software like iviewmediapro or Adobe Lightroom. When you transfer the images from your CF card to the computer, you can create a name-scheme and all images will be renamed while downloading on the computer.

Very comfortable...


Thanks Dirk for your help.
I was actually referring to the camera settings itself, where you can personalise the way files are named. As for the "assets management tools" I am using Lightroom and yes it can do that like many others.