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Fill flash w TLA200 and G1




I recently acquired a Contax G1 camera kit w/ a TLA200 flash and I'm not sure I understand how to use fill flash in Aperture Priority - Auto Exposure Mode.
I'm following the manual instruction that says that the main switch should be set at AEL. If the overexposure indicator appears, the aperture ring should be adjusted to smaller apertures until the overexposure indicator disappears.
I'm doing this procedure, but the overexposure indicator does not disappear with the AEL set, even with the aperture ring fully closed. Could anyone advise what the problem might be and how to correctly use fill flash in Aperture Priority mode
Thanks a lot!


Hi Andre,

if in this regard the G1 functions in the same way as the G2, and I suppose it does, I think the procedure for fill-in flash as described in the manual, does not work. What does work is using manual mode and manipulating the flash output with the dial for exposure compensation. Just make sure that the shutter speed is below the camera's flash sync speed.
Hope this helps.