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Film for Wedding


Any of you experinced photographers that have a suggestion for what colorfilm to use for a wedding. It is outdoor shooting using fill in flash.

Regards - Leif


Well-Known Member
Neutral contrast neg films like Kodak Portra NC ... ISO 160 or 400 depending on the lighting situation.


I would suggest Fuji NPH 400 outdoor, and even NPZ 800 indoor.
The advantage is that being high sensitivity films they decrease a little bit contrast, which makes it easier to get correctly exposed both groom (black) and bride (white dress).
If you do not enlarge excesively, grain is not a big issue.


Well-Known Member
220 films are realy helpfull for wedding too.

10 years ago I used 2 A-70 back for wedding.
As 70mm films disapeared, the CFV is an interesting option !


Well-Known Member
As Wilko said, avoid vivid colours. Else wedding guests have a tendency to become red-faced, especially after the first drinks and dancing. I would also consider B&W in addition which is much more forgiving in this respect.



New Member
hard with hasselblad at the late night wedding party. i use kodak tmax 3200 bw film or fuji npz 800. daytime i like tunsten slides. they are a super blue.


Well-Known Member
In a wedding I use Nikon D700 for the crap (i.e. bride's home, church, reception) and add my Hasselblad + Kodak Portra 160NC or 400NC for the 'shoot'...if shooting B/W then T-Max 400 is an amazing film...spectacular


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I found the CFV-16 to be a difficult to use for weddings. The display was not bright enough to see the shot on screen in bright conditions to check focus.

Strange how one demands to see the image when there's a screen, but accepting no preview when using film. Maybe just me.


I think you should consult with an experienced videographer and also check their videos. Wedding video or film should be very clean and have very good picture quality.

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