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Film Speed Question



I'm a rookie at this and need some help about which speed film to use? I have a Canon EOS Rebel TI, lenses 28-90 f/4-5.6 II & 75-300 f/4-5.6 III. When I purchased the camera the guy at the shop said to use 400 speed film as an all around film, it will work for everything.

I will be using the camera to take different types of pics.

1. will be taking pics of actions pistol sports.
2. of aircraft at air shows, both on the ground and flying.
3. of deer and turkey in my back yard and in the woods.
4. candid pics of the family.



Seems like 400 speed is what you need for the type of photos you are = taking. Just remember the pics will be more grainy. 200 or 100 speed = will be better for more typical photos. Sharper with less grain.


New Member
>Mark, 400 asa film is ok for medium to low light, but if you're shooting in bright daylight, use 100 asa or mabe 200 asa. I shoot IPSC and am a firearm s instructor as well-good to see another loud shooter here on this board too ! Make sure that you have some sort of filter on your lenses (skylight, 1A, polorizer) when your taking pics at you action pistol matches, the lead spla tter off steel plates and pepper poppers can do a number on the fron element of a lens. As far as aircraft shots, nothing is more disapointing than shoo ting an air show and having your pics come back with tiny little aircraft in a huge sky. Try to make sure to beg, barrow, rent or steal (kidding) a big lens and maybe a monopod. On the ground, try different angles for the aircra ft, it'll be a challenge, but worth it for more interesting shots. Critters? Again, a good telephoto is well worth it to get great shots. Contact me mik if you have any more questions, I've been shooting (guns a nd cameras) for a long time (30 years) and your subjects are all the same as my subjects. > Mike


Hi Mark,

the sensitivity of the film also depends on the print-size. Fot a 4x6" print a 400 film is mostly ok, on larger prints the grain of the film can be clearly visible. However, fuzzyness because of too long exposure time is more disturbing than grain.

In outside conditions a 100 ASA film is mostly sufficient, as an exposure time of 1/500 to 1/1000 sec. is quite normal on bright days at an aperture of 5.6.

Regards, Axel